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Fund Information

Lemvi Strategies

The Lemvi strategies are discretionary and Multi-Strategy traded by Maxime Gillot focusing on Commodities, Equities, FX and Bonds. It trades mostly futures, options and CFDs to optimize its trade implementation. It uses a disciplined approach based on long term probabilities with the flexibility to act with immediacy and exploit opportunities and recurrences in financial markets. The target returns are around 15 to 20% per year with a target volatility of around 25% and low correlations to traditional asset classes.


Company Origins


The CIO discovers an inefficiency on equities, enabling him to finance his studies through trading profits. First external money managed.


Opening of a Tradestation account to trade equities and futures


Discovery of a recuring pattern on the commodities market and beginning of trading on Interactive Brokers.


Exceptionnal returns lead to the creation of Lemvi which manages accounts of friends and family money


A Multi-Strategy approach is adopted to add further sources of returns and optimize cash usage


Creation of the Commodity Fund

Investment Professionals

Maxime Gillot - CIO and Founder of Lemvi S.A. Its commodity strategy has known annualised returns over 18% since inception of the strategy in december 2008. Prior to becoming independant, he was a financial analyst at Signet Research and Advisory. He worked previously at EIM (Fund of Funds), the French Embassy, Calyon (Investment Bank) and BNP Paribas (Private Bank). Graduated from ESSEC (Strategy), National University of Singapore (Finance) and Sciences Po Grenoble (Economy).
Stephane Nicolas - Research Advisor. Stephane was formerly Head of Commodities for Brevan Howard and has traded successfully substantial amounts of capital for the firm since 2005, generating one of the best track records in oil in the industry. Stephane was one of the top risk takers in Brevan Howard's flagship Master Fund and, starting in March 2010, also ran the standalone Brevan Howard Commodities Fund. Stephane received an MA in economics from Ecole Centrale Paris.
Hedeer El-Showk - Risk Manager for the Commo Calex Fund, has over a decade of experience in alternative asset management as a quantitative developer, risk manager, and portfolio manager. At Signet Research and Advisory he was part of the team which built Signet's proprietary risk based optimization models for hedge fund allocation strategies and was one of two risk managers with oversight over all of Signet's funds. He has many years of experience developing sophisticated financial models and building portfolio and risk management systems. As part of Cove Investment Solutions, he also developed Filings Analysis, an online research platform analyzing US institutional asset manager holdings using clustering algorithms and traditional risk metrics based on SEC filings. Hedeer holds an M.Sc in Mathematical Finance from the Courant Institute at New York University and a B.Sc. in Computer Science with honors from George Mason University.
Gregory Kreiss - Director. With over than 15 years in the financial industry, Gregory is involved in the strategy and the business development of the company. After 5 years of consultancy in the early 2000, he has been playing key roles within HSBC Private Bank and the Pictet Group. He is graduated from Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne and is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder.

Contact Information

  • Lemvi S.A.
    Rue du Grand Chêne 8
    1003 Lausanne
  • +41 79 375 77 99