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  • 2001

    The Financial Advisor discovers an inefficiency on equities, enabling him to finance his studies through trading profits. First external money advised.

  • 2003

    Trading on Tradestation and Interactive Brokers accounts of commodities, equities, options and futures.

  • 2008

    Discovery of recurring patterns on commodity futures.

  • 2010

    Creation of Lemvi which advises accounts of friends and family money.

  • 2013

    A Multi-Strategy approach is adopted to add further sources of returns and optimize cash usage.

  • 2014

    Lausanne Basket-Ball Club becomes LNB Champion under Lemvi’s owner presidency.

  • 2015

    Search for impact investing to do the greatest amount of good to the greatest amount of people leads to the creation of a Value and Equity Strategy which would become the Investo Value and Lemvi Equity AMCs.

  • 2017

    Implementation of Trading strategies on the Crypto and Fixed Income markets, the former would become the Lemvi Crypto AMC, the latter the  Investo Bonds AMC.

  • 2018

    Partnership with GenTwo AG switches funds and managed accounts to Actively Managed Certificates.

  • 2019

    Lemvi becomes the main sponsor of the Pully Lausanne Basket-Ball Club and the Hermitage Museum Fondation in Lausanne.

  • 2020

    Development of efficient and solid structure leads to the creation of the Lemvi Crypto AMC (January) and the Lemvi Multi-Strat AMC (September).
    Lemvi becomes one of the founding partners of Flash Forest, a reforestation company.

  • 2021

    Assets under Advisory exceed $150 Million.
    Winner of the HFM European Emerging Manager Award in the “Specialist” category.

  • 2022

    Advisory of Swiss Pension Fund.
    Sponsor of Enfants du Monde and the Lausanne Pully Basket Youth Movement.

  • 2023

    Lemvi opens new Headquarters in Zug.
    Under Lemvi as main sponsor, Pully-Lausanne Basket finishes the season undeafeated (26-0) and is the LNB Champion for 2022-2023.
    Lemvi is shortlisted (Top 5) for its Best Sustained Risk-Adjusted Performance by Hedgeweek.

  • 2024

    Lemvi wins the Best Performing Fund award for CTA and Discretionary Trader 2024 from the Hedge Fund Journal.

The mission of Lemvi SA has always integrated sustainability and care about humanity as an important part of the long-term focus. As a responsible stakeholder, we always strive to engage the networks we operate in and to support ecologic, health and cultural initiatives. We are thrilled to be part of several projects we find crucial for making the world a better place for everyone and invite all our interested partners, colleagues, and friends to join and support us in the following matters:



Lemvi is a founding partner of Flash Forest, a reforestation company that can plant at 10 times the normal rate and at 20% of the cost of traditional tree planting techniques. With drone engineering, we bring new levels of accuracy, precision and speed to the reforestation industry. According to the International Panel on Climate Change, we have little time to reverse climate change and prevent catastrophic run-away effects on our species and civilization. In 2018, 34 billion tons of CO2 was released by humans. Planting trees is currently the fastest and cheapest way today to sequester carbon. With billions of trees planted each year Lemvi and Falsh Forest are committed to effectively reverse this impact.


Care about each other and young generation are simply the basic values shaping our lives. The mission and vision of Enfants du Monde is our credo which have never been more important as during challenging 2020 pandemic when the real actions matter. Lemvi Gives 10 CHF for each basket scored by any team of the Pully Lausanne Basket Youth Movement to Enfants du Monde and to the Youth Movement of the Club.



We are driven by the dynamic spirit being based on the shores of the lake where the Olympic games had their renaissance at the end of the 19th century. To contribute to the sports promotion across the region and follow his life-time passion, Lemvi Founder Maxime Gillot has been the President of Lausanne Basketball Club with the team winning the 2014 Swiss LNB Championship. Presently, we are happy to continue the friendly relationship with Pully Lausanne Basketball Club by being their main sponsor and support their next goals.


Amis de l’Hermitage

At all times, art is something that defines us as humans and unites as universal language of creativity, self-expression, and imagination. In this regard, we are delighted to be a part of ‘Amis de l’Hermitage’ in Lausanne, to continue and promote this joint research and dialogue of various cultures and styles.


Lemvi S.A.
Gubelstrasse 24
6300 Zug


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